Selection criteria for strollers

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Stroller products are products related to child safety. Now the relevant departments of our country have promulgated the "National Toy Safety Technical Specifications" standard, and have launched compulsory product certification for toy products to maximize the protection of children's lives and health and safeguard the interests of consumers.The concept of toy safety is that under normal use or foreseeable reasonable abuse, children can minimize harm to children due to certain defects in the toy itself. These defects may come from design, manufacturing technology or manufacturing materials.

Inspection of key components In accordance with relevant regulations, safety-related stroller products include children's bicycles, children's tricycles, strollers, baby walkers, toy bicycles, electric strollers and other toy vehicles.Some of these vehicles are mainly pushed by adults, such as baby strollers.Some are mainly operated by children themselves, such as children's bicycles, tricycles, etc.These vehicles not only have some small components, but also functional components such as folding armrests and conveyor belts. Once these components have quality problems or malfunction, they will not only affect the use of the vehicle, but also seriously pose a threat to the personal safety of children.Therefore, consumers should pay special attention to the inspection of the following key components when purchasing stroller toys.